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XL7 overview
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intrinsically safe
high temperature
polymer melt
XL7 data
  reaction vessel viscometer - continuous real-time measurement of viscosity in lab-scale or pilot-scale equipment
ReactaVisc overview
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  portable viscometers
Viscolite overview
Viscolite data

Viscolite 700, the portable viscometer that goes where you go -- the only viscometer of its type in the world

Welcome to the home of process viscosity


The biggest range of viscometers for any fluid in any application anywhere
Process viscometers for accurate and reliable viscosity measurement in any fluid in any application, anywhere

A Hydramotion viscometer has no moving parts, seals or bearings that can wear out or fail in service.

The XL7 on-line viscometer is a “bolt-on-and-go” device that can be installed directly on to any process line. The ReactaVisc (RV-100) viscometer provides real-time viscosity monitoring in the laboratory or the pilot plant. And the Viscolite® portable viscometer is ideal for the spot measurement of viscosity anywhere, in the field, factory or lab.

mains-powered laboratory viscometer

Benchtop Viscolite

Mains-powered lab version of the popular portable

slender-probe viscometer for high pressure narrow-bore pipes

Slender-sensor viscometer for narrow-bore pipes

Especially suitable for high pressure lines

high sensitivity low-profile viscometer

High sensitivity at low viscosity

Disc sensor zooms in on small changes

Viscolite portable viscometer on Ink Maker cover

Viscolite image on magazine cover

Featured on Ink Maker Buyers' Guide

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RV-100 reaction vessel viscometer

Reaction vessel viscometer for research and production

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